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Personal data

Personal data collected and used by companies KOMPASS ROMANIA SRL, CUI RO 9836639, registered with ONRC no. J40 / 7722/1997 and DOINGBUSINESS.RO SRL, CUI RO 15991238, registered ONRC with no. J40 / 16997/2003, both headquartered in Prof. Ion Bogdan no. 4-6, floor 4, sector 1, Bucharest, hereinafter referred to as operators, are:

  • Name and surname
  • function
  • Professional email address;
  • Professional phone number (direct or mobile);
  • Address: Ms, Miss, Mr.
Your rights to information, access, modification, deletion, restriction of use, portability, opposition to use, and disclaimer on profiling are described in the "Copyright" section and the way of collecting the data, the purpose of using it, keeping and protecting the data are described in the "Personal Data Processing" section.

Consent for the provision of personal data and for its processing is expressed voluntarily by securing accessing this site.
Your Rights:

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 / EU on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, you have the following rights:
  1. The right to receive information on data processing and a copy of the processed data (access right, Article 15 GDPR),
  2. Right to ask for inaccurate data to be corrected or to complete incomplete data (right of access, Article 16 GDPR),
  3. The right to request the deletion of personal data and, if personal data has been made public, the transmission of information on the removal request to other operators (the right of deletion, Article 17 GDPR),
  4. The right to request the restriction of data processing (right to restrict processing, Article 18 GDPR),
  5. The right to receive personally identifiable information about the data subject in a commonly used and meccanizable structured format and request the transmission of such data to another operator (data portability, Article 20 GDPR),
  6. The right to oppose the processing of data with the intention to cease processing (right to object, Article 21 GDPR).
  7. The right to withdraw at any time a given consent to stop processing of data based on your consent. Withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing on the basis of your consent prior to withdrawal (the right to withdraw consent, Article 7 GDPR). Withdrawal of consent may be exercised in the same environment as that granted.
  8. The right to file a complaint with a supervisor if you believe that processing is a violation of the GDPR (right to file a complaint with a supervisor, Article 77 GDPR).
In order to exercise your rights, you can contact us by phone 021 3170390, fax 021 3170393 or email to or or by post to Prof. Ion Bogdan str. no. 4-6, floor 4, sector 1, Bucharest.
Processing of Personal Data

Personal data has been provided for the activities of Kompass Romania srl ​​and srl either by you or by a representative of your company, or collected from the public space as follows:
  • Completing the company online profile in the portal, mentioning you in the list of decision makers or contacts, by a representative of your company who has editing rights of the company profile;
  • Completing your company profile in the portal following a contract;
  • Completing and updating your company profile on the portal, mentioning you in the list of decision makers or contact persons, by a representative of your company;
  • Completing and updating your company profile in the portal, mentioning you in the list of decision makers or contacts by a representative of your company, following a visit to the company headquarters of a Kompass representative;
  • Your participation in an event organized by Kompass Romania srl ​​or srl;
  • Your participation in a marketing campaign during which you provided this data;
  • Your data is public online in business sites and portals or in professional social networks.
Processing purposes: The purposes of processing the personal data listed above are as follows:
  • Promoting companies, including leadership and key department managers, within company profiles in the portal with free public access and EasyList, EasyBusiness, TendersPage and ByPath subscription-based onine appications, that aim to facilitate commercial relations between companies;
  • inviting professionals to conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings, webinars and other similar events of a professional nature;
  • distribution of srl publications, in printed and digital formats;
  • sending commercial communications about the products and services of Kompass Romania srl ​​and srl;
  • conducting communication and Direct Marketing campaigns for Kompass Romania srl, srl and their clients, in order to promote products and services suitable to be used by the professionals in their activity for the company in which they operate.
Processors categories: In order to facilitate business relationships between companies, the name and function of the professionals are listed in the company profile on the Kompass portal, by the administrator or publishers appointed by the company, or by the representatives of Kompass Romania srl ​​at the indication of a representative of company. The processors of this information are the users of the Kompass portal who want to enter into a commercial relationship with the company through the portal or related online applications: EasyList, EasyBusiness, ByPath or TendersPage.
The information is also used by Kompass Romania srl ​​and srl, for carrying out the activities described in "Processing Purposes".

In order to meet legal requirements, information may be made available to central, local public authorities, judicial authorities, notaries, police, etc. This type of communication is occasional, depending on the situation.

Categories of Processors: Data transmission is based on specific situations, limited to the purpose of processing, and secured through the agreement with third parties regarding compliance with the requirements of the Regulation. In addition, Processors are subject to the Data Processor-like Regulations (including the requirement to delete or return data).

Please note: The use of data processors is justified by business reasons, most often we are talking about specialized, professional services that can manage the necessary data volumes and provide the technology through which the Data Processor can fulfill its attributions.

KOMPASS ROMANIA SRL will transfer the data to the following data processors:

Name and domain of activity: SRL - Marketing activities
Address: Bucharest, Prof. Ion Bogdan no. 4-6, floor 4, sector 1
CUI: 15991238
Nr. Register of Trade Register: J40 / 16997/2003
Address: KOMPASS INTERNATIONAL SA - Publication of information (name and function) in the company profiles from the Kompass portal and the related subscription based applications: EasyList, EasyBusiness, ByPAth, TendersPage.
Country: FRANCE

Transfer to the European Union; For contract purposes, Kompass Romania srl ​​transfers these data to Kompass International SA, located in the European Union.
Data retention period: In order to determine the period for which the data will be processed, we mainly consider the contractual duration until the contractual obligations expire.

There is no fixed period of data retention, and the retention period differs depending on the nature of the processing data and the purpose of the processing, but these will be kept for a minimum period as required to achieve the purpose of the processing, or according to the legal provisions in force. When your personal data is no longer required to achieve these purposes, your personal data will be deleted safely.

Secure Processing of Personal Data

We inform you that your personal data will be processed by processors by applying appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect them against unauthorized or unauthorized access. These measures may include limiting access to data, encryption or anonymization of personal data, storage in secure environments, etc.

Exporting personal data

To export your personal data, please access this application. It will generate a PDF report that you can download and you can use it also for sending data to other operators (data portability).

Delete data

To delete the data, please go to the "Deleting Data" section after accessing the application. You may also ask for your data to be deleted by email, telephone or fax using the contact details below.
Please take care! Once the deletion operation is complete, the data cannot be recovered. That's why please make a data export beforehand.
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